4 Frame Electric Extractor - PREMIUM GRADE

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Tested, Tagged & Wired by an Australian Electrician

12 Months Warranty

Inspired by German extractor design & make this Premium quality honey extractor is of exceptional standard. 

Made completely of high grade 304 Stainless Steel the construction of this extractor will not disappoint. 

Featuring a conical base to help your honey flow freely straight down to the 40mm honey gate valve. The motor has a control knob which allows the basket to spin both ways. As an added bonus the motor is easily removable by unscrewing the metal bar from the extractor drum.

Other features include a safety cut out switch, rubber based feet and the legs are attached all the way up to the top of the drum for added stability.

Manufactured with over 30 Years of manufacturing experience and on top of that beekeeping is the backbone of the manufacturer! Our Premium Extractors are robust, reliable and especially made to be top of the range!

  • Material Drum 304 0.6mm stainless steel Argon welded
  • Material Wire Basket Main body 5mm 304 stainless steel with 2.5mm 304 vertical bars, point welded
  • Electrical 220VAC /50Hz / 80W
  • Spin Tangential
  • Honey Gate Valve 42mm Output. Food grade, Nylon
  • Warranty 12 months


What makes it "premium"?

The overall specifications of this range are better. Higher quality stainless steel, more robust gear set and handle and better welding are just some of the features. The manufacturer uses their extensive experience in the beekeeping industry to manufacture high quality products perfect for beekeepers. With 30 years experience in manufacturing and decades of beekeeping experience this product has been made to last and is of a high standard.

Do I have to assemble anything

Legs only.

What size frames fit in basket?

Standard Australian Full Depth Frames & Ideal frames. 

What should I expect when I receive this?

We get customers asking us after they have received their extractors, sometimes they find things like manufacturing scuff marks or metalwork traces that they didn't expect to be there and they end up returning the item. Extractors are not fridges or dishwashers free of scratches, the make of these extractors does not affect their effectiveness. 

So please read below and rest assured that these things are completely normal and when we say our extractors are stainless steel or that they're food grade, we mean it and can back it up.

  1. You will receive 2 Boxes. One has the extractor & the other box contains the legs
  2. Honey gate valve has a tape sealant, unscrew your honey gate valve and remove.
  3. Scuff marks or scratches are normal as these are not wrapped in plastic sheeting inside the box. These are simply manufacturing & storage marks. It will not affect your honey.
  4. When you remove the basket, at the bottom there is a ball, the ball is coated in oil or grease, this helps the extractor spin faster. It's completely normal. The way your extractor has been built (angled base) counters any honey touching the oil or grease. Do not be worried about your honey getting in contact with the oil or grease, they will not touch.


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