Beehive - High Density Expanded Polystyrene Double Level 10F Beehive

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Polystyrene Beehive - High Density Expanded Polystyrene - Double Level 10F Beehives - includes Excluder, Inner Cover, Tie Strap & Hive Gate,


This high quality high density expanded polystyrene hive is made to keep your bees more comfortable and productive during the extremes of temperatures.  This kit has been cleverly designed and comes with many inclusions:

  • Optional ventilation in the lid.  It has 4 x aluminium ports in the lid, 
  •  with optional plugs to close them off.
  •  2 x 10 frame full depth boxes
  •  Inner cover so you can open and inspect without disturbing the hive
  • Ventilated base with aluminium mesh
  • Included plastic excluder
  • Tie strap to secure the hive
  • Sliding hive gate that allows you to close off the hive entrance for moving

The lid and base come completely assembled and the supers are flat packed with easy assembly.  We would suggest painting with a water based exterior painted for added UV protection.  Note - do not use oil base paints.

The kits does not include frames.  We are able to supply any style of frame you require to complete your hive for an additional charge including flat packed timber, assembled & wired timber, timber with plastic foundation and one pc plastic frame & foundation.


Material:  High Density Expanded Polystyrene & Aluminium Mesh

Capacity:  Double Level holding 20 x Full Depth Frames

Assembled Lid with Optional Ventilation

Assembled Base with Aluminum Mesh Ventilation

Tie Strap

Sliding Hive Gate

Clear Inner Cover


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