Bait Fish Net Trap

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Puddy Mullet and Yellow Tail Prawns and most bait fish trap.

Dimensions: 450 x 250 x 250 mm

Direction for use:

  1. Make sure you have tagged the net.
  2. Look for shallow water (less than 30cm where bait fish are present. Barley up the area to attract fish.
  3. Unfold back end clips to allow net to expand.
  4. For barley use rough bread, barley pellets, fish flesh covered in fish oil.
  5. Place barley inside the trap if shallows netting or in the pouch for deeper waters.
  6. Place the trap for your desired bait:
    • Underwater: lower bait trap on line supplied to approx 1-1.5m below the surface of water. Check the knot is done up securely. Nets located well under water require a marker float.
    • In shallows: For the trap to work well, the top of the trap should be out of the water while the bait fish inlet funnels should be submerged. The barley should float on top of the water within the trap and not be hard up against the top mesh.
  7. Check the bait trap at intervals and remove contents.
  8. After each use clean out all residue barley and wash the bait trap with fresh water to retard salt corrosion.
  9. Hang expanded to dry and then fold to store.
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