Uncapping Station - Deluxe Quality Stainless

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A robust station which makes uncapping your frames a breeze this deluxe uncapping station comes fully equipped with lid, stainless steel draining grate, frame holder, tray with legs and honey gate valve.

As a multi-purpose station this uncapping station can be used in two ways. Simply hang frames in the tray after uncapping and let them drain until you’re ready to extract, or uncap the frames and leave them to drain out into the tray.

The stainless steel grate which sits in the bottom of the tray acts a filter to let your honey drain through but stops any honey comb and debris from filtering through.

The 40mm honey gate valve is located on the underside of the tray to make it easy for honey to flow into an awaiting drum or bucket.

Main Tray L 50cm x W 45.5cm x H 37.5cm
Stainless steel draining grate L 47cm x W 42cm x H 5cm
Base of main try to floor 42.5cm

Material 304 Stainless Steel

Do you need to attached the legs to the main tray?

Yes, the legs come in a separate box and need to be attached to the main tray.

What is the grade of the stainless steel?

It is 304 stainless steel.

Do I need to clean the uncapping station before use?

Yes, we recommend to give the uncapping station a good clean prior to use.

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