Christmas Trading Hours for iWoohoo

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Slip Tray Small Hive Beetle Trap. Designed to stop Hive Beetle in their tracks when they get in the beehive. It's to be installed close to the...
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$129.95 $99.95
Store all of your wonderful honey in this beautiful and convenient honey tank. Made from food grade 202 stainless steel this honey tank can hold up to...
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Whitehouse Beekeeping 8 frame/box Supers made from New Zealand Pine Specs: Dovetail joints for easy assembly and added strength Supers...
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$599.95 $499.95
A massive honey tank for the semi commercial or commercial beekeeper. The deluxe 400kg honey tank is made from high quality 304 Stainless Steel and can...
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Chisel with Wooden Handle The American style Hive Tool features a flat stainless steel blade at one end and a curved stainless steel scrapping...
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Full Depth Wax Foundation Comb - 40 Sheets The heavier core is more resistant to distortion in high speed extractors and remains flatter on the...
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Beekeeper Suit - Overall Cotton Hooded Suit Full Length Bee Suit With Removable Hood - Keep nature's hardest workers off you while you harvest...
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Placed between top bar section of the hive or in between honeycombs. The design of this product takes into account that small hive beetles are attracted to...
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$1,500.00 $1,200.00
‚Äč Premium Grade Ideal Depth Alliance timber beehive frames 1000 Pack. Made from premium quality New Zealand Pine and...
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$199.95 $169.95
This stainless honey tank is made from food grade 202 stainless steel and can hold up to 100kg of honey. Measuring 50cm in diameter and 50cm in height...
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Whitehouse Beekeeping 10 frame/box Supers made from New Zealand Pine Specs: Ideal Depth Size Dovetail joints for easy assembly and...
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$90.00 $79.95
One piece plastic frame and foundation combo is the ultimate time saving frame solution for any beekeeper! Available as a Pack of 20 and with no need...
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